Student's Do It Yoursel Electric Bell Educational Set

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Learn the working or the Electric bell and the Theory of Electomagnetism the fun & practical way

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In childhood every child is alwas curious to find out how electrical equipments work many of them even have the habbit of opening up small instrument with screw diver and repair it Funwood Games presents to you an activity explaining the working of the magnetic bell.

Electric Bell is a simple mechanical instrument which works on the principles of electro magnets When a current is passed theough the circuit the bell starts to ring.

The Electric bell is a superb experiment to make students learn the principles of current and elctromagnets when an electric current is passed through the circuit it charges up the tightly wound electromagent, when the electromagnet is charged it attracts the hammer towards it self, thsi breaks it current and the magnetic field is disturbed whic restores the iron hammer to its original position, and till the battery is plugged in this process goes on this repeated movement of the hammer strucks the gong and the bell rings  These simple expetiments can be used for science projects and other demostrations.


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