Welcome to Funwoodgames.com! We specialize in online sales of handmade wooden toys. A small initiative to promote the arts and crafts of our country

One of the ancient crafts in India is wood work. Every state has a wide variety of traditional toys made of wood each having a unique style. The traditional toys which became obsolete with the influx of factory made toys are slowly coming in vogue, courtesy a makeover. 

Toys like wooden rattlers, dolls, building blocks, train sets, pull carts are child’s best friend during those crucial years when he gets acquainted to the world around him. Different age groups require different toys for mental, physical and social development of a child. A one to five year kid can play with the stackers, while a colorful abacus can help develop your pre-schooler child’s calculation ability.

 Browse through our range of classical, educational, activity and musical toys and nurture your child that too, in an eco-friendly way.

About Us

 Toys play a crucial part in any one’s life. They help a child grow by stimulating different physical and mental reactions. They aid a child in understanding the world, discover their identity, help in physical development, understand cause and effect, discover relationships, and practice abilities that will aid them when they grow up.

 The activities that we perform during our growth years have a profound effect on our behavior and form prized memories of our lifetime. Childhood toys and games in a sense define us when we grow up. In many distinctive ways wooden toys have been defining character of Indian culture.

 “Funwood Games”, deals in sale of handmade wooden toys and handicrafts. The company was founded in 2012 by Mr.Vikrant .P. Yadav having a passion for handmade wooden toys.  Funwood Games is a Brand of Purna Tech-Ventures Pvt. Ltd and is located in Mumbai.

 Tracing their origin to the reign of Tipu Sultan, these toys will be with your child at every step of their crucial development stages. Made out of ivory-wood, toys supplied by us are exclusively brought to you from Indian cottage industries and rural artists, at reasonably low prices and delivered quickly at your door-step. We take pride in bringing you eco-friendly products made of wood and natural dyes. Not only will children love playing with them, but also learn through our collection of educational and activity toys.

 Vegetable Dyes are used in the coloring process to ensure that the toys and dolls are safe for use by children.

These eco-friendly education-cum-fun toys are just a click away. Browse through our wide-range of lucrative products and choose the best for your child or as a gift for your loved ones.

Growing up shall always be fun with “Funwood Games” products. For any queries or suggestion please visit “Contact us”